exhibit: mite man | milbenmann

you have to kill it first
you have to kill it before!

Bilder von der Ausstellung: Die Axt im Walde, Serie 1: der Milbenmann, Series 1 the mite man

go to your bedroom at home, put your matress in a plastic bag that is as big as the matress, put in the tube, gather the plastic here, and start the vacuum cleaner. Please touch here – only a stamp would be flatter! You do this at home for about five minutes, then you can stop the machine. Now you plug on the big floor nozzle and vacuum your matress. And then you can be sure that all of your 2 million dust mites have been killed and their eggs crushed and all the dirt has been vacuumed off. Because a living being cannot be vacuumed off, you won’t get it out, you have to kill it before. (the dust mites bring themselves in from everywhere. … )
and if you husband or boyfriend tells you: “take a shower tonight,  lets have a private moment …” and you go to bed after your shower and he joins you twenty minutes later, you’re already breaded all over.