exhibit: rache der baumschere | revenge of the loppers

das ist eine fantastische schere
das ist eine fantastische schere

Ausstellung in der Kleinen Galerie in der Sparkasse in Eberswalde vom 17.12.2014 bis zum 28.1.2015:
Die Rache der Baumschere an den mittleren Ästen | revenge of the loppers on the middle twigs

Ausstellungsfotos, Serie 2: die Baumschere  watch this video to see why revenge is necessary:

and this could be considered as the methaphorical revenge:

“You take it, fix it, you just have to move one part of the loppers, this way you don’t need to work so hard. I think these are fantastic loppers. And you have a perfect cut, as if it were planed.
You just have to draw loosely, it cuts when you draw. You have a super cut. This saw is for ladies, too, because you don’t get jammed.” — “Do you take EC-cards?”